Top Tips For Enjoying Your Holiday With The Kids

2 April 2019

You’ve decided a holiday is needed but the thought of travelling with the kids means you might need another holiday to get over the hassle and experience of keeping them occupied while you try to relax. A holiday with the kids needn’t be stressful, in fact it can be one of the best holiday experiences your family can have. Here are five top tips to ensure your family holiday with the kids delivers everything for everyone.

  1. Let them in on the secret

While it may be tempting to leave the news of the holiday as a surprise, letting your kids know  about  the  big  day  can  alleviate  stress  or  fear,  especially  if  your  holiday includes first time experiences such as air travel. Plan to show your children pictures of where you are going weeks before you leave and then chat them through what they can expect to see and do on your trip.

Buy their own luggage bag and let them start packing, taking into account what they will need while they are away from home. On the day of your travel give them some responsibility such as ensuring the toiletries are packed and their room is clean before they go. If you have more than one child in the family, spending some quality time with them before the holiday one-on-one will let them feel well connected and heard and should assist keeping everyone in check, while you are away.

  1. Keep kids moving

Be  sure  to  check  out  the  available  activities  for  your  kids  at  any  potential  holiday destination. At Champagne Sports we are kid and family-friendly. Our fabulous Little Explorers  Kids  Club  play  destination  is  situated  in  the  activity  area,  and  offers  a selection of stimulating activities for the kids along with a jungle gym and scooter track to keep them active! For the slightly older kids we also offer golf, swimming pools, putt- putt, tennis courts, bowling green, trail running, mountain bike trails, gym, spa, basket ball, volleyball, badminton, squash court and the Cathkin Trails.

  1. Have an emergency bag

We  don’t  mean  just  medical  supplies,  all  though  that  is  probably  a  good  addition. Ensure your emergency bag is something you can quickly take with you wherever you go and whatever activity you are involved with for the day. Your emergency bag should include things like snacks, refreshments and changes of clothes for accidents or in case there is a sudden change in weather. A wonderful suggestion for any emergency bag  is  contact  numbers for  family doctors  or  paediatricians  to ensure  you  are well prepared for any eventuality.

  1. Travel smart

One  of  the  most  difficult  parts  of  a  holiday  is  the  travel  to  and  from  your  holiday destination. Even if you are planning on a cruise holiday, getting to and from the ship can sometimes cause frustration and boredom. Be sure to pack in plenty of activities such as books, colouring in tasks and toys. One of the most valuable entertainment devices for travel is a tablet or portable DVD player to keep the children engaged and quiet while you concentrate on getting the family arriving safely. Be sure to invest in a set  of  good  quality  headphones,  often  the  smaller  inner  ear  headphones  are  not appropriate for younger children, can harm their hearing and may fall out, causing more frustration.

  1. Be involved

One of the most common statements from parents is that, “they grow up too quickly.” While we know you are looking forward to unwind on holiday, don’t miss the opportunity to  create  a  lifetime  of  memories  with  the  people  who  mean  the  most  to  you.  Get involved with their activities and play, have fun and most importantly enjoy your time with your kids.

At Champagne Sports Resort we have numerous activities for the family to enjoy together as well as offering some areas to take a break and unwind from a difficult work schedule. Check out some of the holiday activities on offer and book your family holiday today.