Champagne Sports Resort

Adventure in the Central Berg

28 November 2018

Sunny blue skies tufted with clouds. Splashing through an icy mountain stream. So much space it leaves you breathless. Summer in the Drakensberg makes for the holiday of a lifetime that never grows old, even if you return year after year. And who can deny the call of adventure in the Central Berg? Once it has you hooked, it’s just about impossible to resist.

You know what we mean 😉

Trail running and mountain biking through the Central Berg is something that needs to be experienced rather than described. It’s a rugged landscape seemingly crafted by giants that puts you in awe of the wonder of nature, while pushing your physical skills and adventurous spirit to the absolute limit.

So, what can you expect from a Drakensberg adventure holiday?

Trail running and mountain biking

There’s nothing like feeling the wind rush through your hair and enjoying the great outdoors – especially if it really is the GREAT outdoors. Champagne Sports Resort has 3km, 4km and 7km trails that are challenging and really get your heart pumping, and are securely situated within the safety of the estate.

Cathkin trails

Looking to push the exhilaration to the next level? Cathkin trails are a new venture for experienced trail runners and mountain bikers, offering 12km, 20km or 30km routes around neighbouring estates and featuring some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Central Drakensberg.

Central Drakensberg hiking trails

The Central Berg is also an incredible area to explore on foot and at a gentler pace. Hiking is a fun Berg holiday adventure activity that’s also family friendly, as many walks are moderate enough for children to handle with ease.

Blue Grotto

A moderate 3 hour walk suitable for novices, that starts at the Drakensberg Sun. This trail takes you meandering through indigenous forest and ends at a stunning waterfall and grotto.

Heritage Walk

This is a very easy family-friendly trail that has various start points. Because the trail passes through a World Heritage Site entrance fees must be paid and you must be accompanied by a guide. Highlights include a 600 year old yellowwood tree, Mooney’s pool and Dingaan’s Cave, where you can see some superb examples of bushman art.

Sunset Trail

This is a trail suited to more experienced hikers with the stamina to hike for a good few hours. Starting at the Champagne Castle hotel, the Sunset Trail goes to the World Heritage site via the Little Berg. Because the trail passes through a World Heritage Site entrance fees must be paid and you must be accompanied by a guide. The end of the trail offers stunning views of the Central Drakensberg valley. There are various return routes, including Breakfast Stream, Sphinx and Mattehorn.

Champagne Castle Hike

This is a challenging and strenuous hike that’s not for the faint of heart. This trail usually takes a few days to complete, and the reward is a series of incredible views as you get closer to the peak. At 3377, Champagne Castle is one of the highest in the Berg. The usual route for this hike is over Gray’s pass, and a guide is required.

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