LET US HOST YOUR NEXT CONFERENCE - We now offer a total of 16 conference venues at the foot of the Drakensburg mountains.

Theme Evenings

Gala Dinners

We have a variety of colours to choose from, with cloths from velvet to woven swirled and two tone. Depending on themed colours we can assist best with a direct quote to suit your needs.

"Themes" we have done successfully: Black and Bling, Touch of Class, A Night in Bangkok.

Sands of Time

  • Stone velvet table cloths with brown taffeta overlay
  • Cream chair covers with bronze tie backs
  • Gold 4-tier candelabra with floating candles
  • Dark cream linen serviettes

Four Elements

The room is divided into four with quarters draped according to the element and a backdrop for each element:

  • FIRE: red table cloths, orange overlays with fairy lights and logs depicting fire, yellow chair covers with orange tie backs
  • WATER: blue table cloth, light blue overlay, bowl with floating candles on a mirror with fairy lights, blue chair covers and light blue ties
  • EARTH: as per Sands of Time theme
  • AIR: white velvet cloths with ice blue organza overlays, candelabra with feathers and crystals, white chair covers with ice blue ties

Seven Seas

  • Room fully draped in shades of green and blue
  • Round tables with shades of blue and green tablecloths
  • Nautical Centerpiece
  • Life Rings on Walls
  • Dolphins at Entrance
  • White Chair Covers

UK Pub Evening

  • The room is fully draped with pub scenes from the UK, alternating with blue, red and white drapes.
  • Trestle tables with red / white and blue/ white gingham overlays. White table cloths.
  • Place settings are pub style – placemats, rolled cutlery in baskets with condiments.
  • Bowler hats scattered around – should you require, we can order in hats for the delegates to take home (price on request.)

Irish Pub Evening

  • Fully draped room in Green and White with a touch of orange
  • Trestle tables, white cloths with green / white gingham overlays.
  • Placemats with 'Murphy's law', Irish songs or Irish pictures – cutlery rolled in serviettes.
  • Backdrops with leprechauns, Irish cottage, Irish scenes, including a green telephone.

Mexican Fiesta

  • Bright coloured drapes with backdrops depicting dancers, gringos and street vendors.
  • Round tables with lime green table cloths and chilli overlays.
  • Sombrero and cactus centre pieces.

African Affair

  • Backdrops that take you into rural Africa, with washer women and chiefs side by side with leopard and elephants.
  • Round tables with black table cloths, animal print overlays.
  • Grass placemats, animal print paper serviettes.
  • Metal guinea fowl centre piece with spear tripods
  • Fresh floral arrangements set on wooden slats an additional cost.


  • Draped room with backdrops of cattle and horses – no bandits here!
  • Trestle tables with white cloths and brown or yellow gingham overlays.
  • Tin plates and mugs with oil lamp and western hat as centre piece.
  • Tin mugs and plates can be purchased for delegates to take home.


  • Room draped with backdrops depicting a township shebeen.
  • Trestle tables with branded plastic table cloths.
  • Wheelbarrows with ice, for quarts. (Please advise if required)
  • Toilet rolls for serviettes
  • Cutlery from tins in centre of table.

Around the World

  • Each table decorated in a different country – 36 to choose from, including:
  • Africa, England, USA, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Germany, Mexico, India, Greece.
  • Flags hanging from the ceiling and on the walls.

Flower Power

  • Bright peace backdrops flanked with brightly coloured drapes
  • Coloured round table cloths with contrasting overlays
  • Faux Flowers and centre pieces!
  • Clashing chair covers

Crystal Ice

  • White drapes with silver strips floor to ceiling around room.
  • White table cloths with silver or ice blue overlays.
  • Mirrors, floating candles in bowls.
  • White chair covers with silver / ice blue tie backs.

It's a kind of magic

  • Room draped in full length black, red and purple drapes with silver strips and "magical" backdrops
  • Black table cloths with silver overlays
  • Black chair covers with silver tie backs
  • Magic centre-piece: top hat, hands, candles, wand
  • Mini brooms, stars and wizards' hats hanging from the ceiling

Moulin Rouge

  • Room draped in full length drapes – burgundy
  • Moulin Rouge backdrops
  • Round tables with black cloths and red or gold overlays
  • Black and red chair covers with gold tie backs
  • Feather, mask and candle centre piece

Optional Extras:

Stalls: - Can be set up depicting a picnic scene, carnival scene or as different countries
Draped entrance: - Entrance to Monks Cowl and Ithaba rooms can be draped to give a different feel to the room.
Fairy lights with draped entrance - Fairy Lights: - Available for all rooms as well as entrances
Balloons to drop off roof from net (price on request)