GOLF RATES & RULES - Hotel, timeshare and non-residents are welcome on the course

Golf Rates - As at 1st December 2017

Hotel & Timeshare Guests

18 holes - R330.00 per adult
9 holes - R275.00 per adult

Non Resident Visitors

18 holes - R495.00 per adult
9 holes - R365.00 per adult

Junior (Under 18 yrs) Hotel & Timeshare Guests

18 holes - R200.00 per adult
9 holes - R135.00 per adult

Junior (Under 18 yrs) Non Resident Visitors

18 holes - R240.00 per adult
9 holes - R180.00 per adult

Carts - Hotel & Timeshare Guests & Visitors

18 holes - R340.00 per cart
9 holes - R280.00 per cart

Golf Packages

With Cart

3 Round - R1320.00 | 4 Round - R1625.00 | 5 Round - R1950.00

Without Cart

3 Round - R845.00 | 4 Round - R995.00 | 5 Round - R1155.00

PLEASE NOTE: Golf carts are available only to drivers 18 & over

Rules and Regulations
Local rules:

  1. 30cm placing on all Fairways.
  2. Free drop from all Gardens.
  3. Only 2 people per golf cart & No under 18's to drive golf carts.
  4. Distance markers are to the centre of green.

    Flag code:
    WHITE - Front
    YELLOW - Middle
    RED - Back

    Tee markers:
    GOLD - Pro Tee's
    BLUE - Club Tee's
    WHITE - Senior Tee's
    PINK - Ladies Tee's
  5. The maximum number of golfers allowed to play together is four.
  6. Golf course machinery has right of way.
  7. Speed of play/ always keep up with the 4 ball in front of you & not in front of the four ball behind you.
    Slow play will not be tolerated; Golf carts may only be hired for golf & are not allowed to be taken to hotel or chalets.
  8. A ball landing on the incorrect green must be lifted and dropped one club length from the nearest point of relief not nearer the hole, without penalty.
  9. Purchasing of golf balls is prohibited on the golf course. If you are approached, please call our Security
    Manager on 078 803 2232 to assist us in removing the perpetrator.
  10. When you hear the siren due to lightening, please return to the club house
  11. A ball coming to rest on a pathway or flower bed may be dropped and played within club length not nearer the hole, without penalty.
  12. Lateral Water Hazards: the river along or through the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, 15th, 17th and 18th holes, as well as all dams.
  13. Please repair all pitch marks! Tests have proven that pitch marks left un-repaired for longer than 10 minutes take 15 days to recover, however pitch marks repaired within 10 minutes recover within a day.
  14. No children and spectators are allowed on the course when golfers are playing.
  15. No golf carts are allowed on the tees or within 15 meters of the greens.
  16. Sharing of clubs is prohibited. Each player is to have a golf bag with a minimum of 10 clubs. Hiring of clubs is available at the Proshop.

Please be advised that there are no water points along the way, on busy days a drinks cart does circulate.

Dress Code and Golf Etiquette

  1. Players must comply with the dress regulations. Any player incorrectly dressed will be refused permission play.
    Dress code:
    a. Shoes: sports shoe or golf shoes
    b. Shirt: golf shirt or collar neck shirt
    c. Pants: golf shorts/longs and no jeans
    d. Socks: golf short or long
  2. The maximum number of players allowed to play together is 4.
  3. Only 2 persons per cart, no under 18s to drive the cart, children are regarded as one person.
  4. No golf carts are allowed on tee boxes and within 15 meters of the greens

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you to our Beautiful Golf Course!